Sunday, February 24, 2008

Plot of a Dance Movie

So I saw Step Up 2, and quite enjoyed it. I mentioned this to my Oregonian friend Mariela, who then proceeded to claim that she, herself, right then, could write a better plot.
While I defend, quite staunchly, the quality of Step Up 2 as an excellent experience in entertainment, her improv plot bears quoting. And so here it is.

"hey, I'm you dance?"
"No, I'm shy and quiet on the outside, but inside I'm a dancing machine!"
"let's see what you got"
*busts out dancing*
"I'm also smart and witty"
"Wow. I'm steamy."
"Okay, let's make out then, and then dance in a suddenly important dance-off competition."
"where my quiet wittiness will win you over, as well as my amazing ab moves"
"wow, I love you, even though there are hundreds of other girls grinding against everything in sight"
"I want your quiet wittiness"
"fine, I'll say something witty, and the movie will end"
and...roll credits

This is stunningly accurate in many respects. The end.


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