Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Niagara Falls

(May 14)

Yeah, that's about it.


Peter V. Hilton said...

hey! you have a blog. that is cool. Are you actually subscribed to mine, or do you just browse past . . . ? Anyhoo, yeah, I got my LLC officially registered with Utah, the IRS, and I'll deal with Provo today. It'll make more sense once we go online (ah, the great imperial "we"), but for now, either check out my new work info on facebook or try and make sense of this description: it'll be a free-access blog on building your freelance writing career (primarily writing for business and writing as a business), complete with target advertising. we'll advertise rates to write and edit content for businesses as well and eventually the goal is to hire other writers and build it from there. so we'll see how it goes!

PS: the verification code I have to type for this comment almost looks like "updog," as in, "smells like updog"

Ella said...

your blog hasn't changed in a long time, and I keep getting my hopes up every time I come check it, only to see that it's still that blurry picture of Niagra Falls, followed by four words. Pffft.

Carl Duzett said...

Actually, I was just waiting for enough comments to update it. Luckily, yours just tipped the scales!