Sunday, July 17, 2011

Baby D Goes to Planet Earth

So last Tuesday, my wife and I went into the hospital to induce labor. I have a few scattered thoughts right now, that I'll surely add to later:

* When Allie was getting ready to push, the nurse on call clicked her little radio and tried to get the Labor and Delivery nurses to show up. Unfortunately, she had a thick Asian accent that prevented her from successfully pronouncing her 'L's and 'R's. So over and over again, into this little microphone hanging off her neck, she tried to say "Call Labor and Delivery." When it doesn't work, she just says it louder. And this is while all the other nurses and midwives are getting all their tools together and giving Allie final instructions. The baby's about to come, and it's going to come to the chorus of "Caw Waboa and Edewyvewee!" It took almost a dozen tries. I'm amazed it worked at all.

* All babies are born with blue eyes, apparently. Baby D looked like a Fremen. Should we read him Goodnight Dune? Now his eyes are closer to some kind of green or brown. At least we know he wasn't born with a spice addiction.

* My favorite face that Baby D makes is when he's utterly flummoxed. He furrows his brow at his surroundings, summoning their meanings. It is more than simple confusion. It is the sweet, innocent bewilderment that belongs solely to the fresh offspring of this world. It's really cute.

* Baby D was born at 10 pounds and 6 ounces. "He's really big!" one midwife pronounced. "He's leveled up!" I exclaimed. My wife laughed, dutifully.

* Baby D is the Justin Bieber of his peers. He had a full head of hair before he was even born; we could tell he was crowning because his hair was poking out. His hair hangs over his ears.

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