Friday, December 7, 2007

Oh Sweet Irony

Last week, a mafia boss was arrested in Italy while he was - get this - watching a TV mini-series about a mafia boss' arrest. There's not much more that I can say about this; the instance kind of screams for itself.
Another interesting factoid. Dante, the guy who wrote a book about Hell and called it The Inferno, actually wrote a couple of other books, too. They're called Purgatorio and Paradiso (they all end in 'o' because they're in the same trilogy! or originally italian!). Well, near the end of Purgatorio Dante predicts the Restoration of the gospel. There's this bit about a chariot (which represents the church) which gets attacked by a big giant that hurls boulders at it and chases it into the woods. The giant is hypocrisy and priestcraft in the Catholic church, and the woods are apostasy (he refers to a prophecy in Revelations about the church being lost in the wilderness for a time). The boulders are large, weighty objects that really put a hurt on people. Anyway, he prophecies that the number 535 has something important to do with the return of this chariot. Let's think about this: Purgatorio was written about 1300 AD. 1300 + 535 = Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Joseph Smith. Woah. These are the kinds of things you only learn at BYU from your ridiculously schooled professors who also happen to be Mormon.
Speaking of Mormons, Mitt Romney spoke yesterday in Texas about the importance and power of freedom of religion in America. I honestly was impressed. Of course, I'm Mormon and a little biased in that respect, but it was an honest, powerful speech. Plus, you get to see how ridiculously old-looking George Bush Sr. is getting.
The response has been mixed. I think a few quotes ripped from the CNN article will suffice.
CNN contributor (he really just contributes quotes) Bill Bennett (and a charming name, too) says the big problem with the speech was that he didn't explain this whole Mormonism religion thing. Then he said that he didn't really have to. Then he basically said that he should've spurted out the 13 articles of faith and held a question-and-answer session about the contents of Mormon Doctrine. Then he said that 2+2=4 and then he said that 2+2=5. Man, if I had a catchy name like Bill Bennett I'd get to contribute quotes to CNN too, and I'd start telling people that winter's better than summer, but on the other hand, that summer is far better than winter. I'd be a reasonable, understanding two-sided contributor.
Well, it's 3 AM now and updating the Official Blog of Awesomeness is probably not the best thing I can be doing for my body at this time. To all a good night.

EDIT: Somebody voted for freaking Mr. T. That doesn't even make any sense. I challenge you to a duel.

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