Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This Post Created Automatically

In the bathroom today...

Okay, so most blogs that begin with "In the bathroom today" probably are to be avoided. Don't worry.

In the bathroom today, I pulled some toilet paper out of the dispenser and ripped it off. And then it kept coming. I couldn't figure out how it kept coming down until I saw the label "automatic" on the thing. I thought I'd just pulled really hard on the roll or something.

I didn't need to flush when I got out, because the toilet had an automatic flusher. I washed my hands under an automatic faucet and dried them in an automatic hand dryer. As I left, I noticed an automatic hand sanitizer next to the door. I felt kind of insulted by the end of all this.


Are there not other human operations that better deserve automatic services? And -

Were we not warned by Dav Pilkey about our future after giving intelligence to our baser appliances?

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Schmetterling said...

Seriously! Where's my automatic Pez dispenser?